You are not broken.

Inner peace, from the inside out. 


All testimonies are published with the consent of the individual.  

Helen Ryder - Head of Human Sciences. 

"Kathy has come in to our college and made a real difference in a very short amount of time. She has worked with Yr 10 and 11 and helped calm the destructive ‘thought storms’ that young people often face in their GCSE years"

Sophie Killock - Head of English.

Kathy's work with students in Year 11 was knee jerk last year and thus limited to just two or three small group sessions with our most vulnerable students (students vulnerable to anxiety and panic attacks and at least three students vulnerable to not attending their exams at all because of the extreme nature of their anxiety).I feel strongly that all students would benefit from a series of these sessions and that we would be making a huge difference to these students if we acted proactively, rather than reactively when they were extremely likely to fail their exams because of not turning up on the day.We had 100% attendance for exams and before my English exams, I witnessed the most vulnerable girls breathing and visualising positively and going into the exam hall calm and in control.I also feel the sessions would be of benefit to staff! 

Rachel Hutchinson - Principal

Kathy has been fantastic in applying her educational knowledge and expertise into the world of coaching and this is really transforming some common themes at Ivybridge and Callington.  Having experienced professionals who have the confidence and passion to express their own learning journey in the world of education with like-minded colleagues is such a powerful tool.  This type of delivery gives coaching so much more creditability amongst the professional and prevents it being a bolt on model. 

Jake Colonna - Account Executive. 

"Kathy has been an absolute god send. I have been talking to her regularly since my A-level years. She has massively helped me to view where my issues were stemming from, helped me understand that i wasn't broken and that I could get through my issues at the time. She is completely different to any other person i have spoken to. She is incredibly friendly and understands the issues of mental health incredibly well. I still to this day regularly use her advice in keeping myself calm and happy". 

Parent of Year 11 Student.

I just wanted to share with you what a positive experience ** had at the workshop during Block 5 today.  He didn’t want to come to school this morning – he was so stressed about the session.  He has come back from school today in the most positive mood.

He really found the session useful and talked to me about the content and how he felt he could relate to the situations Kathy was talking to them about.

If there are more of these type of sessions planned please can I ask that ** is included.

Thank you.

Izzy, Year 10 Pupil

Since I met and worked with you I have not had a single panic attack (Izzy Year 10)


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