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To Teenagers everywhere

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

You are not broken.


This poem (which I wrote for my son) and the accompanying film was shown as part of the Resilient Young Minds Conference 2018 #NoOneIsBroken.

We are currently facing a crisis in teenage mental health which is of increasing concern, not only to the teenagers themselves, but to parents, schools and the community at large. Young people have a lot to say about the world and the stresses and pressures they face, and they want their voices heard.

As a teacher I was privileged to make this film in collaboration with some of the teenagers who spoke at the Conference. We hope it shows an understanding of the issues young people experience and sends a positive message 'To Teenagers Everywhere'.

- You are not broken.

- You don’t need fixing.

- You have inbuilt resilience.

- You are perfect… just as you are.

Kathy Rablah - Dedicated to Joe. Copyright © 2017.

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